GTA 6 News and Rumors: Rockstar Revealing New Title Soon, New Game To Feature First-Person POV? [VIDEO]

Grand Theft Auto is arguably one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, with its publisher, Take-Two Interactive, announcing that GTA V and GTA Online's revenue were pivotal in the company's financial success over the last quarter.

What is interesting, however, was that Take-Two also announced that GTA's developer, Rockstar Games, is currently at work on a number of future projects that "will be revealed soon."

With this said, numerous fans of the massive gaming franchise have begun to speculate that the highly-anticipated announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6 would finally be happening soon. While neither Take-Two nor Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 6 would be announced soon, the sheer prospect of the developer working on its latest titles is enough for fans to be excited.

Practically all of GTA 6's aspects are pretty much unknown at this point, though there are various interesting theories that have emerged over the last few months. Among them is a certain gameplay feature that was very warmly received by fans when it was introduced in Grand Theft Auto V -- the addition of a first-person POV.

When the first-person POV was introduced for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the latest GTA installment, players lauded Rockstar for the sheer amount of detail and intricacy that the new POV offered. Indeed, it was a novelty, and one which very few players disregarded.

With the successful introduction of the first-person POV in GTA V, many fans are speculating that the point of view would make a return in Grand Theft Auto 6 as well. After all, the first-person POV does add a fresh dimension to the game.

The inclusion of a first-person point of view actually coincides with the game's rumored VR compatibility. If GTA 6 does indeed get released with a VR option, first-person gameplay would really be the way to go.

It's not like Rockstar Games is not open to the idea of the first-person POV in its games, anyway. Back in December 2014, Rockstar itself announced that there is a possibility of first-person gaming making a return in the Grand Theft Auto franchise's later installments.

"Absolutely not! We are excited by the response to our first effort at a first person experience, but remain committed to third person games and may or may not use the first-person as a camera option in the future. We do like to, whenever possible, give people options so they can play a game the way they like," Rockstar stated. 

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