'Teen Wolf' Season 6: New Episode Title Revealed! Get The Scoop On Episode 6 [VIDEO]

Teen Wolf will take ghosting to a whole new level in season 6.

Millennials perfected the art of dodging calls with the advent of ghosting, but the good folks of Beacon Hills will give the break-up method a very literal spin. The Ghost Riders are here to erase our favs from reality, and their meddling will result in "Ghosted."

The episode will air as the sixth installment of the fall run, according to Spoiler TV . If you saw the series' San Diego Comic-Con trailer, then you know Stiles will be one of the lost souls plucked out of memory (see video below). He won't be the only, however. Once the Wild Hunt blows into Beacon Hills, the Ghost Riders will be loath to leave.

"We've got these things called the Ghost Riders and they come with a thing called the Wild Hunt. It's pretty creepy right?" Tyler Posey (Scott) told Clevver TV. "The Wild Hunt is essentially...this supernatural storm that comes and it's passing through Beacon Hills because of all the crazy sh-t that's happening in Beacon Hills right now. The storm is full of these Ghost Riders and they're essentially these gnarly cowboys that grab your soul and take you to some other place. Something happened so that the Wild Hunt cannot leave Beacon Hills."

Luckily, there will be at least one member of Scott's pack who will hopefully be able to bridge the gap.

"There's one character who in particular becomes crucial to solving the problem of the Ghost Riders, yes," showrunner Jeff Davis told EnStars at San Diego Comic-Con.

Are you ready to meet the series' next big bad? Teen Wolf will return to MTV this fall.

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