Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Critical Battery Flaw Triggers Mass Phablet Recall [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 featured many firsts for the South Korean tech giant. It was the first Note device to ship with a dual curved screen. It was the first phablet to come with an Iris Scanner as well. Now, the smartphone has gained a rather notorious reputation - it was the first Note device that bursts into flames, resulting in a mass recall of all devices that have been sold so far.

Samsung Issues Mass Recall

As much as the previous statement seemed to include a figure of speech, it, unfortunately, did not. As reported by a number of the phablet's users, the Note 7 apparently has a tendency to explode - not just malfunction; the Note 7 literally explodes.

While Samsung estimates that the number of defective Note 7 units comprise just 24 out of every 1 million devices, the South Korean tech giant is not taking any chances. In an announcement on Friday, Samsung boldly stated that the company would be recalling every single Note 7 that has ever been manufactured. The production of the flagship phablet has been ceased, as well.

Battery Problem a Culprit?

Analysis from the South Korean tech giant has determined that the Note 7's flaw lies in its battery, and while the flaw is very rare, the problem is so serious that it can literally cause the battery to combust. So far, Samsung has received 35 reports of faulty Note 7s.

Note 7 Users Get a New Product for Free

In order to provide some compensation for those who have already purchased the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has stated that everyone who has bought the phablet would be receiving a new device from the company, at least until the issue gets resolved. Thus, those who have purchased a Note 7 would not be living without a smartphone while waiting for their device to get replaced. Samsung would make sure that they can still keep themselves connected.

Consumers Applaud Samsung for Taking Responsibility

While the recall is a massive source of embarrassment for the South Korean tech giant, many consumers and smartphone users have applauded Samsung for owning up to its mistake. Flaws in flagship devices are nothing new. Just a few years ago, a serious design flaw in the iPhone 4 rendered its antenna useless in some circumstances. Despite many complaints, however, Apple has opted to simply address the issue in the device's successor, the highly-successful iPhone 4S. 

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