Lady Gaga News: 'Little Monster' Creates GoFundMe Page To Get 'Perfect Illusion' To No. 1 [VIDEO]


Lady Gaga fans are ready to get the pop superstar back to no. 1 on the charts again.

Gaga's fans, a.k.a. Little Monsters, are going above and beyond to support "Mother Monster" with her upcoming single and album. Gaga previously announced her new single "Perfect Illusion" will be released in September and now that the month is finally here, it's go time for many fans.

One particularly dedicated fan is taking it to a new level, though. A fan has created a GoFundMe account and is hoping to raise $10,000 to get "Perfect Illusion" to no. 1 on the singles chart.

"Lady Gaga is to gay rights what Martin Luther King Jr. is to black rights. If it wasn't for Lady Gaga, we wouldn't have gay marriage or gays wouldn't be able to participate in the military," the fan boldly proclaims on the GoFundMe page. "We are hear [sic] to repay Mother Monster and give her another number one hit. We know how to manipulate iTunes and Amazon accounts in order to buy several thousand copies of 'Perfect Illusion' with just a couple accounts. Billboard and SoundScan WILL COUNT all these purchases."

As the fan states, however, there is a problem: "We don't have a lot of money and are looking for you to donate. It may take some money out of your wallet, but just imagine the expression on your face when you see 'Number One: 'Perfect Illusion' by Lady Gaga.'"

How this fan will be able to manipulate iTunes and Amazon is a total mystery, but the GoFundMe account has raised less than $100 from its $10,000 goal.

UPDATE: this GoFundMe campaign has since been taken down.

As for when "Perfect Illusion" will be released, many stealthy fans noticed that the "September" banner on Gaga's official site had changed to "September 9" - though this has since been taken down. Gaga has not said anything about the official release day, but based on this website discovery, fans should probably expect to finally have new pop music from the singer a week from today.

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