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'Pokemon GO' News: Niantic To Release A Massive Update Soon [VIDEO]

Niantic has released another 'Pokemon GO' update. Is a massive patch coming soon?

By Peter de Jesus, EnStars on Sep 23, 2016 03:17 PM EDT
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Pokemon GO
Niantic has released another 'Pokemon GO' update. Is a massive patch coming soon? (Photo : Pixabay Commons)

A major update for Pokemon GO has been released, and if there's anything that can be determined by the game's new features, it is that a major patch seems to be coming very soon. 

The most recent Pokemon GO update was rather small. Released on Thursday, the update for the world's most popular and noteworthy augmented reality title was rather minor, featuring a few tweaks to the game and a couple of new functionalities.

With the update not carrying anything that seems significant to the game in general, Pokemon GO fans are speculating that the game would most probably receive a major patch very soon.

Pokemon GO Recent Update

Thursday's Pokemon GO update was very minor. Designated as version 0.39.0 for iOS and version 1.9.0 for Android devices, the most recent update simply adds some location functions to the game, as well as a more intuitive support for Pokemon GO Plus. Thus, highly anticipated features such as trading will not be making an appearance in the game as of yet.

Specifically, the latest update would start showing the capture location of the monsters that players catch in the game. Simply tapping into a Pokemon's information screen would show the data. The update also links Incense to the Pokemon GO Plus. Thus, players who would like to capture Pokemon with Incense can do so by using the game's accessory instead of their smartphone.

Pokemon GO Major Update Coming Soon?

With the latest released update being so minor, numerous Pokemon GO fans are speculating that Niantic is probably working on something significant for the game, which would be released in a following, far more prominent update. The Pokemon Company seemed to verify these rumors, especially after the firm teased a multiplayer mode for the augmented reality game.

Niantic has been quite cryptic about following updates to Pokemon GO, as well, simply stating that there are some "exciting features and changes coming soon." Avid fans of the game have already determined through data mining that a trading system will exist in the title at some point. Will a player vs. player mode get featured soon, too? The answer to these questions might very well be addressed in the next Pokemon GO update. 

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