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Will it be Rihanna or Taylor Swift to be the voice of Elsa; Idina Menzel cast out?

Frozen 2 has already captured the interests of fans as teasers, release date and new casts are being talked about. It seems that Idina Menzel will be replaced by either Rihanna or Taylor Swift.

By Staff Writer, EnStars on Oct 18, 2016 09:11 PM EDT
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And they're off on an adventure! #FrozenNorthernLights (Photo : Facebook/Frozen)

'Frozen 2' will surely be a blockbuster hit following the 'Frozen' movie in 2013, as kids and young at heart was captured by its hit single "Let it Go". But as the news of its installments released was confirmed came to a lot of speculations and rumors on its cast, crew, and plot, even Elsa's dress has not been saved by rumors and fans who is so much anticipating what will happen next to the 'Snow Queen's' that rocked the big screen. Recently, changes for Frozen 2 have reached the media ears and may eventually be an advantage or disadvantage for the movie.

There was no doubt before that Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell will reprise their role in the next sequel of Frozen, with a recent article by iTech Post, the voices of Elsa and Anna respectively has already expressed their interest in the sequel. But rumor has it that Menzel had backed out and Disney has already a replacement in mind with either Rihanna or Taylor Swift, which may complicate the upcoming installment as viewers and fans have grown accustomed to the voice of Elsa by Menzel. Now this will be the challenge to either Rihanna or Taylor Swift on how they would manage to give justice to the timbre of Elsa's voice.

Another issue is the change in wardrobe for Elsa as she is already iconic on her blue dress/gown and was well known by fans and kids who had been choosing her dress as costumes for parties etc. Now that Disney production will promote another dress for her, it will surely be a hit and can add up to the movie's outstanding profit. Aside from that, Parent Herald also shared a possible "love-filled plot" that will involve Olaf in finding his "lady love" and of course, Elsa's finding her "true love's kiss".

With all the upcoming teasers and tidbits about Frozen 2, this will be following yet another high grossing movie for 2018. Will the viewers be involved on the outcome of its plot, as changes can still be eminent during its pre-production? 



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