Foods That Reduce Inflammation: From Olive Oil To Fatty Fish

Chances are, we all felt some form of inflammation in our lifetime. Our bodies chose to reject something we ate or drank because it recognized it as foreign, creating discomfort. Mildly irritating at worst, but nothing to write home about, right?

While inflammation might not seem scary at first, it can manifest itself into many scary things, like heart disease and diabetes. Chronic inflammation is also linked to Alzheimer's, arthritis and depression.

Don't reach for the pills just yet. Certain foods help keep inflammation at bay and are wholly anti-inflammatory.

According to Harvard Medical School, nuts, olive oil and tomatoes are among the list of foods that reduce inflammation. Additionally, leafy green veggies (think kale and spinach) and fatty fish (salmon, tuna and sardines) help fight inflammation, too.

Soy, raisins and ginger are also great for combating that uncomfortable feeling you get after downing a burger and fries. For a quick fix, try tea: a cup of green, white or black will do the trick.

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