'Black Eyed Peas' rapper Taboo battled 2-year cancer, shares experience to inspire cancer patients, promotes early detection

Black Eyed Peas fans have given their heart out with Taboo as he reveals his secret battle with testicular cancer. The Mexican-American rapper has been privately fighting his disease since 2014 when he was diagnosed having Stage 2 cancer. Jaime Luis Gomez aka Taboo is a rapper of the famous dance-pop band Black Eyed Peas, together with will.i.am, apl.de.ap and their singer Fergie. Taboo was so busy with work that time, was not able to notice the pain on his back and stomach, although he made a trip to the Emergency room to clear himself off the discomforts.

In a recent report by Mail Online, Taboo had already gone on to surgery to have his right testicle removed but still went on a 12- week intense, aggravated chemotherapy as advised by a physician who will.i.am contacted for a treatment plan. His family, band mates were all there to support him as he battles with the deadly disease and fight for his life, as he describes it to be "racing against the clock." Taboo clearly remembers what he went through after the surgery and during the chemotherapy and he was just holding on to his goal of having to live with his wife and children.

Taboo has been declared cancer-free for two years as per reports from International Business Times and advocated the fight for cancer by sharing his experience with it. With a little more of prayers and determination, cancer can be treated and life can go back to normal, like in the case of Taboo, who still tried to make a baby with his wife Jaymie Dizon after undergoing the whole process. The miracle baby girl was born eight months ago and is now with Brothers Jimmy (7) and Journey (5), and also Joshua (23) who is Taboo's son from the previous relationship.

Right now, Taboo collaborates with American Cancer Society to inspire patients to keep on fighting and to be aware of early signs of cancer for it to be prevented. Taboo recently released a song called "Fight" in support for the Society's campaign.

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