Cars 3 Official Teaser Trailer is very Graphic! [WATCH]

"Cars 3" is finally at its first installment after some time in the waiting. Pixar's YouTube channel released the first ever official channel and it is going viral right now, but not for regular reasons. 

Granted Cars is a successful franchise and the trailer would naturally go viral anyway, but this time it is a tad bit more dark. 

A quick backtrack of Pixar's history shows that Pixar considers itself a family and child friendly producer. This means that most of the movies they do create are acceptable to be watched by everyone.

This is one of the reasons why Pixar is so successful because they have a wide audience. However their recent trailer not only features incredibly beautiful and realistic graphics as seen on io9, it also features a tad bit more realism than anyone asked for.

A quick view of the trailer shows that it is less than a minute long, hence it being a teaser trailer. The trailer's beautiful graphics takes place in the iconic ovular race car stadium where the sentient cars come to live and are racing around the track as beings with no driver inside of them because they themselves are the driver. 

It features Lightning McQueen, the main protagonist of the show for the entire franchise being the lead in the track. Then after a few seconds one would start seeing his car malfunction.

From then onwards it goes in the usual track. wheels going out of control, car flipping over. Then the scene changes where a slow motion scene shows bits and pieces of his car going across the screen while in the background he is upside down in the air, a place no car should be.

His bottom side is riddled with black smoke and he seems ro be in a lot of pain. Keep in mind that like humans have their bodies to feel pain although these cars have their own metallic bodies. If any harm comes to that body it is considered painful and harmful. 

A trailer where bits and pieces of a sentient car's body flying around is considered graphic in any book. 

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