AMD Vega-Based Radeon GPUs Release News: Full Range Coming Soon With Both HBM2 & GDDR5/X Memory [Video]


It seems like AMD is eager on rolling out a fresh top-to-bottom lineup of Radeon graphics cards based on the next-generation Vega architecture. That fundamentally exposes any earlier speculation about Vega being designed only for the top-of-the-shelf products.

The new family, which refer to as the Radeon 500 series from here on out for the sake of simplicity, will be featuring second generation high bandwidth memory (HBM) as well as GDDR5/X memory.

According to the Fudzilla, AMD will be rolling out its next generation Vega architecture across the entire range of its 2017 Radeon graphics cards soon. The new lineup will span a top-end 4K 60FPS triple A gaming Radeon graphics car, which is the very same one that was demoed last week, to mid-range and entry level offerings for 1440p and 1080p gaming.

The high end models will feature HBM2 while the mid-range and more budget oriented cards are going to feature GDDR5/X memory.

When Vega was first showcased last year on AMD's roadmap, many have presumed that it was going to be the HBM2 card that would lock horns with Nvidia in the market. Those speculations were spot on - at least partially! Now there will be HBM2 cards in the new lineup for sure, you can also expect the GDDR5 variant as well.

The new lineup will comprise a high-end 4K 60FPS triple-A Gaming Radeon graphics card, which isthe same card that was demoed last week, as well as mid and entry level cards for 1440p and 1080p gaming.

In addition to this, it looks as if Vega will cover the entire range from flagship graphics cards all the way down to entry level units, with AMD adapting the memory as necessary.

Right at the top end fans expecting to see a premium Vega card, possibly with up to 16GB HBM that will be designed to go toe-toe with the imminent arrival of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. There should then be an introductory range all the way down to GTX 1060-level performance, filling the current gap in AMD's lineup.

AMD had been missing a high-end product to squarely challenge Nvidia's Titan X and GeForce GTX 1080 in the market. However, judging by the first Doom results, it seems Vega architecture is the about to alter that status quo.

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