'Rick and Morty' Trailer, Spoilers: New Season 3 Animatic Clip Offers Glimpse At Intergalactic Battle; Rick To Get Morty Out Of Prison

Adult Swim recently released an animatic clip for Rick and Morty Season 3 which reveals some of the scenes in the much-awaited TV series. Aside from that, Rick is believed to escape from prison.

According to Inverse, Adult Swim's "Development Meeting" live stream, Spencer Rothbell (Clarence) and the stream's hosts, Walter and Cam, released an animatic clip from Rick and Morty Season 3. The said video started on Morty's high school. Then, it jumps to an intergalactic battle and ends with Rick and Morty shouting at each other and crying in their ship.

The clip indicated that Rick and Morty Season 3 will be jam-packed with adventures as Rick stated that "I need a vacation." Moreover, the video doesn't divulge anything for the new season, apart from Rick's noticeable escape from prison.

Furthermore, Mobile & Apps added that Rick and Morty subreddit, Redditor named waltwalt also suggested that Rick could lead to prison to free Morty and the rest of his friends. As Rick wasn't able to see Morty die at the wedding, it is then safe to anticipate that he is still alive and has been arrested.

Additionally, there was a scene wherein Rick dropped a photo before leaving a bar and showed that he misses his old friends. With this, it is possible that Rick might plot to get himself arrested so that he could get Morty out. The Reddit user also conceived that Rick may be able to release at least Morty from the prison.

He also stated, "I don't think Morty knows how to use the portal gun to break Rick out and unless Rick had a spare portal gun that exploded at the wedding. And by giving himself up in the way he did his family is free to return to Earth."

With the hints and the post made by waltwalt it seems really possible that Morty could escape into prison. Nonetheless, everything will be confirmed as Rick and Morty Season 3 premieres next year.

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