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'Killing Fields' Season 2: What 'Evidence' That Rodie Has Found Will Help Him Finally Solve 25-Year-old Case? [VIDEO]

A new case takes some of the detectives' attention on 'Killing Fields'

By Lauren DuBois, EnStars on Jan 10, 2017 03:22 PM EST
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Rodie Sanchez on 'The Killing Fields'
A new case takes some of the detectives' attention on 'Killing Fields' (Photo : Discovery Channel)

They still haven't been able to track down just who killed Eugenie Boisfontaine, but Aubrey and Rodie's focus may shift from her case after new evidence turns up which may help them solve another cold case that once crossed Rodie's path on Killing Fields.

Rodie also has another case which has haunted him for a long time as well, the murder of Curtis "Cochise" Smith. Now that a body has turned up in an oil drum, Rodie may finally be able to have the evidence he needs to at least solve one of the cases.

"That's the evidence I been looking for for 25 years," he says in a preview clip for the Tuesday, Jan. 10 episode.

Rodie's focus on the Boisfontaine case may also have him feeling some guilt over the fact that he hasn't devoted the same attention he may have felt he should have to the Smith case, and as that continues to bother him, Aubrey will be assured that now that Rodie isn't going at these cases alone, he not only has a better chance at solving them entirely, but also solving more of them by devoting his time to the murders.

"He didn't forget about that case," Aubrey says in the clip. "He's gonna solve it this time, because he's got me."

Killing Fields airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Discovery.

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