‘House Of Cards’ 2017 Air Date, Spoilers: When Will Season 5 Premiere On Netflix? Claire Underwood To Become US President


House of Cards Season 5 may be released on the 20th of January, the day of the presidential inauguration that is only two days away. According to reports, some fans of the series are wondering if Netflix will really start showing the fifth season of most popular political thriller on the day that president-elect, Donald Trump, is sworn into office.

House of Cards 2017 premise is still unknown. However, having in mind that the show mimics a lot of what really happens in Washington D.C. and the whole world for that matter, viewers shouldn't be surprised if they incorporate many real incidents into the series.

They may even put into the episodes some of the alleged incidents which have been harrowing the president-elect's administration. So, since Netflix didn't provide fans with a more concrete update on House of Cards Season 5, they will be left to only guess what will happen.

However, there are some entertainment websites which came up with interesting theories on what House of Cards 2017 might look like. One theory says that Claire Underwood and Thomas Yates' affair might is doomed.

Even though Frank has always been open to his wife's affairs outside their marriage, it could happen that relationship between Claire and Thomas become threatening to president's political ambitions. So, if Yates starts to be a threat to Frank's position as the powerful man in America then he will need to eliminate him from the equation.

There are Claire vs. Frank theories that talk about the possibility that Frank's days as the commander-in-chief could come to an end very soon. And so, Claire might be the one to push the button. 

Fans of this controversial TV Show know that Claire has always wanted to be more than an integral part of the political arena as the First Lady. That is the reason she becomes the vice president of the United States of America.

It's not surprising that Claire Underwood is not content with being in the shadow of the commander of the most powerful nation in the world. Naturally, she will try to claim the highest position in the country even if she must remove her own husband from it.

One thing is sure, House Of Cards 2017 will be more controversial then previous four seasons.

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