‘Scandal’: Season 6 Shocks Viewers In Premiere Episode; Olivia Pope Vows To Expose Cyrus [Video]

The much-awaited Scandal Season 6 premiered and gave the viewers quite a shock with the election results. They had an uncanny similarity with the real US elections and it has to be admitted that the outcome was more twisted than ever. What followed was the assassination of the President-elect but Olivia succeeded in tracing the killer.

Scandal returned with Season 6 on Thursday after a long wait and the elections results were also out but they were unpredictable, claims E! News. Mellie Grant did not win and for the first time ever, viewers saw Olivia failing. However, more shocking was the assassination of President-elect Francisco Vargas who was shot in the face by a sniper and succumbed soon after.

It shocked everyone, sending Olivia and her associated into the investigation mode to figure out who the killer was. Liv had her doubts on Cyrus but when Fitz offered the crown to Cyrus, it seemed like Liv's gut feeling was wrong, claims Entertainment Tonight. Earlier, she had confronted her father to see if he was the master manipulator and orchestrated the killing.

Though he did not answer directly, he did point out the one person who would benefit from killing Vargas. According to Pope, Cyrus was the one but he was in a state of utter shock after finding out about the death of Vargas. Seeing his face, no one could tell that it was him but then Liv was right. OPA found out through an FBI tip-off that it was indeed Cyrus Beene.

As soon as this was clear, Olivia confronted Cyrus and in her trademark style gave him an earful. She told him in whispers that she knew he could pretend to grieve for one day but to do that for two days in a row required acting chops and she did not know he had it. She warned him that she is going to prove he killed Vargas.

The premiere of Scandal Season 6 was truly insane and unpredictable. It was every bit flavoured in Shonda Rhimes style and now that Olivia is again on a tough mission, the coming episodes are going to be full of twists and turns.

Scandal Season 6 airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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