‘Destiny’ HotFix News, Release Date: Preview For The Next Patch Has Been Revealed; Shotguns Get Rebalanced

The official release date for Bungie's next fix update, dubbed as "Destiny" HotFix, for its popular online first-person shooter (FPS) game, "Destiny," is drawing near. And as it turned out, though, many Player VS Player (PVP) weapons will be rebalanced once the next patch goes live.

Bungie featured some of the previews for the upcoming "Destiny" HotFix during its live stream event last week, and the most notable change that fans can expect the update is the rebalancing of the Shotguns. According to the report from GameRant, the weapon's mid-air accuracy is going to be greatly reduced. This means that the effectiveness of the gun in PvP, especially when trying to pull off a mid-air trick shot, is going to be more difficult.

The aim assists for the shotguns when firing from the hips has now been disabled. Because of this change, it seems like Bungie is pushing players to use aimed down sights (ADS) more rather than hip fire to make the gun more effective. Another change that fans should take note in "Destiny" HotFix is the removal of the shotguns' precision damage. This rebalances, however, does not cover the two exotic weapons The Chaperone and Universal Remote. To make up for the difference, though, Destiny Tracker has mentioned that the weapon's base damage buff has been increased by 20 percent.

Unfortunately, Bungie did not exactly make it clear if the two exotic shotguns will also receive the base damage buff, as pointed out by Destiny Tracker. The developer has not yet revealed anything regarding the matter, and by the looks of it, seems like fans will just have to wait and see once the "Destiny" HotFix gets released.

Lastly, the movement nerf while holding the weapon has now been removed, and the ADS time is now slowed down by 25 percent on the Rangefinder perk but only when using a shotgun. "Destiny" HotFix is now scheduled to go live this Tuesday, Feb. 14.

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