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'Pokemon Go' 2017 Update: 80 New Gen 2 Pokemon From Gold & Silver Arrives; PvP, Trading Part Of Update?

Trainers all over the world are excited to catch the 80 new Gen 2 pocket monsters in the latest "Pokemon Go" update.

By Pia Z., EnStars on Feb 17, 2017 01:00 PM EST
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Pokemon Go Update
"Pokemon Go" has just unveiled to the world the big Gen 2 update, which introduced 80 new Pokemon. However, as the update was released, the game's trading feature has been removed. (Photo : Mike Coppola / Getty Images)

After announcing the arrival of a massive "Pokemon Go" update, Niantic quickly followed through by bringing in a whooping 80 new Gen 2 Pokemon. This has stirred excitement for "Pokemon Go" players all over the world as it is the first time that so many new pocket monsters have been released since its launch in 2016.

According to Forbes, what makes the "Pokemon Go" update more interesting is because this is the first time that pocket monsters from Gold and Silver are seen roaming around in the real world via augmented reality. As such, Niantic has created a whole new novelty to the popular mobile game once again.

With almost eight months after "Pokemon Go" has been released, it is highly possible that many of the players have already fulfilled the franchise's tagline, which is to "catch them all." On that premise, players who have already caught all the existing pocket monsters have definitely felt the monotony of the game and worse, might have lost interest. Thankfully, the clamor for a new and massive "Pokemon Go" update did not fall on deaf ears.

Aside from 80 new pocket monsters, the "Pokemon Go" update reportedly features new changes to Pokemon encounters. According to GameSpot, some of the new creatures featured in the "Pokemon Go" update include Hoppip, Snubbull, and Aipom. Further, two new berry types are also part of the latest game update to make the trainers' gaming experience more enjoyable.

However, it seems like Niantic still has to make room for other "Pokemon Go" 2017 updates to be rolled out as several requested features and issues have yet to be addressed. Some of the said features include PvP battles, trading and a combat system that would effectively replace the seemingly vague and confusing battles happening in the current version.

What game features would you like to see in the next "Pokemon Go" update? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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