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'The Mentalist' Season 6 SPOILERS; Red John, Patrick Jane Serial Killer List in Question

By Kathy Karadza, EnStars
on May 30, 2013 08:29 PM EDT
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  • Simon Baker
  • Simon Baker (Photo : Reuters)

The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller spoke about the season finale of season 5 of the series, and hinted at what to expect in season 6, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The seven Red John suspects were revealed on the season finale of the CBS series on May 5, or Red John so it seemed. Red John knows everything that Patrick Jane is thinking, including his list. How much the viewer can trust that the elusive serial killer is actually among those seven names is in question. 

According to Heller, the list can be trusted. 

"As much as much as Red John has been one step ahead, Lorelei Martins' intervention changed the game," Heller said. 

The last episode of season 5 was written to set up the next season, according to Heller. He also confirmed that "Jane is not Red John."

Heller revealed that it would be odd if Red John was caught or died and the show ended with that plot point. The demise of Red John would mean a dilemma for Patrick Jane and the other characters, in terms of where the story would go next. Heller, however, would not reveal more details. 

"I would be cheating on the narrative if I told you all I had planned," he said.

Heller admitted next season can be expected to go at a faster pace and contain more action and more surprises than the last. 

"But just as you see with the last episode of the season," Heller said, "there's no more tracking and more chasing."

Season 6 of The Mentalist airs in fall 2013.

Be sure to check back for more of the latest details on what happens to Red John.

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