'Samurai Jack' Is Back: Animated Series To Tell More Emotional Story This Time Around

"Samurai Jack" is back with a new storyline and the old 90's kid nostalgia, and this time around, it packs even more action and emotion. Jack is everyone's favorite samurai, and he has been sent forward in time by Aku. Jack's only goal is to defeat Aku and end his rule of evil.

The beloved animated series is coming back after a decade's worth of wait, and will air its fifth season. The trailer for "Samurai Jack" fifth season is up on YouTube and viewers can expect to hear a lot of Jack and see a lot of action. 

Phil LaMarr is a voice actor for the animated series' fifth season, and according to IGN, the fifth and following seasons of "Samurai Jack" will explore different angles of the show that viewers are not familiar with. Ever since the trailer aired on YouTube, a lot of people have tuned in to post positive feedback.

Earlier, episodes of the critically acclaimed series explored the world, and every episode presented a new part of the world with a new story. Viewers did not get to know the samurai that is "Samurai Jack". This time around, the show revolves around exploration of Jack's own character, along with the world.

In the trailer, a lot of voice can be heard from the samurai, and viewers can expect a lot of emotional storytelling that would involve the past, present and future of "Samurai Jack". In the trailer, viewers get to see that Jack has been going through a journey for the past fifty years. Jack's voice lets viewers know that time has no effect on him, and that he is lost. 

Jack, by Phil LaMarr's own admission, sounds a bit older and has a deeper voice. This is because the voice actor's own voice has changed over the course of a decade and has become deeper. Adult Swim posted a sneak peak of an episode, and in it viewers can see that "Samurai Jack" is fighting off a group of giant robot bugs that are terrorizing a mother and her child. In this sneak peak, Jack can be seen to be using new weapons, among which are a harpoon and a gun. 

The fifth season of "Samurai" Jack is scheduled to air on Saturday, March 11 at 11 p.m. on Adult Swim.


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