Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie News: 'What Do You Mean?' Singer Tells Former Flame She's Pretty, Fans are Freaking Out

Justin Bieber has posted a flirty comment on ex's Instagram on Tuesday night and his fans are freaking out. And no, we're not talking about Selena Gomez...it's all about Sofia Richie and her beauty! He has igniting rumors they have reunited.

Justin Bieber has no problem with flirting right in the comments section. Instead, 'What Do You Mean?' singer openly flirted with his former flame, Sofia Richie. So, after the Hollywood scion shared stunning photos from Sofia's recent shoot with Flaunt magazine, the pop star wrote:

"Ur so pretty."

Of course, Justin Bieber's bold move shocked many fans since the 23- year-old singer reportedly broke up with the 18-year-old girl because he wasn't ready (at the time) to have a serious relationship. Sofia Richie was propelled into the spotlight when she started dating the Baby singer last summer but it didn't last long, according to Mail Online. He has wanted something more casual at the time but maybe he changed his mind now.

Although, Justin Bieber is known for trolling his ex-girlfriends and fans remember how he used to post pictures of himself and Selena Gomez long after their split. Yes, it's awkward but he did it. However, fans were excited about Justin's public declaration towards his former flame Sofia Richie. One fan even wrote:

"Yassss, finally he said it guys. You made my day. I love you!"

While Justin Bieber may have broken many hearts with this very public declaration of love, it's fair to say that many fans thought it was a bold but lovely gesture, according to Perez Hilton. Many people think all of that is so sweet. It really is but not everyone thinks like that. Sadly, there are individuals who don't think that Sofia Richie is actually pretty so they started a kind of mean debate has been broken out. One user even commented:

"She's so ugly."

Justin Bieber's fans are sometimes pretty ruthless. Still, they all we'll be keeping their eyes peeled for any signs of an official reconciliation between their favorite singer and Sofia Richie! Enstars will also keep eyes wide open and report any news about this possible reunion. Stay tuned!

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