Charlie Hunnam: Secret to Fitness Is ...A Lot Of Sex


If you are a fan of Charlie Hunnam, you can see "The King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" star on the April cover of Men's Health. He is wearing a pair of dark-wash jeans as well as a blue T-shirt that fits his biceps closely. Weighing 165 pounds, he gives an interview that is frank about maintaining his amazing fitness and exchanging sex with longtime girlfriend, Morgana McNeils.

Charlie Hunnam is certain that he tries to "do it all." He is clear that he also tries to make love often, which is important to his workouts, he explains to Men's Health. What helps Charlie Hunnam in his regime is sex - and lots of it. Other activities too, of course, have been vouched for by experts - running, swimming, jumping rope, hiking and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Charlie Hunnam hopes that even at 70 he can sprint "up mountains," according to E News. He is quite open about the amount of training he puts into his fitness regime. "I train a lot every day because I'm f**king crazy," he jokes. He says that humans are supposed to be "very active animals," as it is inscribed in their DNA. It helps that he sweats to change his oil every day! It all makes him feel so much "happier, more positive, energized, and disciplined".

While he was gearing up to get fit for the role of King Arthur in the movie that can be seen in the theaters on May 12, Charlie Hunnam is clear that he needed to pack on 20 pounds of muscle. He hence had to undergo a fitness regime "like a motherf**ker." The British actor recalls that while training every day in a "combat discipline," you just gain "that eye of the tiger." When anyone acts with aggression towards the actor, he is able to go through the scenarios in his head. It was as if he would step to one side and ram an elbow into his face.

Last year, Charlie Hunnam and his girlfriend had been attacked by cyberbullies. But he is clear that through his growing years, "if you want to talk s**t, talk s**t to someone's face" so that you can gear up to fight about it, he said.

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