"Designated Survivor" Recap: President Shot But Rallies Round, Villain Still Trying To Play The Game

Fans of "Designated Survivor" would recall that it has been almost three months since viewers saw the last show. Recalling what happened would spark more interest in the dramatic turn of events.

Now the TV series "Designated Survivor" is picking up exactly where it left off. For ABC, this was one drama along with four comedies that could bring in a stable 1.3 rating among adults in the 18-49 age and 5.9 million viewers, according to Hollywood Reporter. 

Do you recall that one unnamed assassin "Designated Survivor" that Agent Wells tried to stop executed his job efficiently? He actually put a bullet into President Kirkman, according to Entertainment. Surprisingly, the President didn't die. The bullets riddled his body but did not hit any vital organs. However, the bad news was that he had to undergo an operation in order to remove the shrapnel in his chest. Hence, he was bed-bedridden and incapacitated for a long time.

He needed to invoke the 25th amendment in "Designated Survivor" and had to make the recently appointed Vice-President Peter MacLeish the acting president, even though everyone was suspicious of him. He gave Speaker Kimble Hookstraten a special assignment to keep an eye on MacLeish. The Vice-President turned to his wife to review why their plan failed and President Kirkman was still alive. He was a bit panicky and said that they needed to wash their hands off. However, Lady Macbeth/MacLeish told him: "Blood doesn't wash, it stains." Moreover, she was clear that the plan did not fail completely as the Vice-President was still alive.

They soon hear in "Designated Survivor" that President Kirkman would undergo surgery, and were cheered. If the surgery did not kill him, at least they did have a lot of time on hand, so they would make the most of it. Late at night, MacLeish was given some instructions as acting president. As the Asian markets were falling because of the uncertainty in the US, experts suggested that he should tell the SEC to close the markets for the following day so that panic could be avoided. With the loss in the American markets, the consumers would lose billions.

However, MacLeish ignored the advice, deciding to let the market forces "play out" and spread chaos in "Designated Survivor". Hookstraten stomped into the Oval Office to tick him off. She cried: "I'll be watching you." He asked: "Are you threatening me?" And she replied: "Absolutely. Sir."

Meanwhile, the government in "Designated Survivor" was sure that they had found the assassin. To this, MacLeish immediately asked them all to kill him, but Aaron Shore and the whole SitRoom was aghast that he could just order a murder without trial. Still, MacLeish overruled them. What was Aaron Shore up to? Was he good or bad? He confronted Emily with a question, asking her whether she was investigating him. But she merely deflected the question and told him to ask the President himself.

The MacLeishes were told in "Designated Survivor" that the Kirkman's surgery went well, which put them into a tizzy. However, the stock market was sinking, and with Wall Street hitting a new low, the nation's morale was tanking. Kirkman heard of this from his hospital bed, wore a presidential hospital robe, and then went to the window to wave to his citizens and press crews. It made him look healthy and fit, so the DOW rebounded again. It made for all round happiness for everyone except Peter MacLeish.

Meanwhile, Agent Wells in custody refused to talk to anyone except President Kirkman in "Designated Survivor." Secret Service Agent Ritter took him to Kirkman. They all met to thrash out what they already know about Peter MacLeish.


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