"Jumper 2" Confirmed! Director Doug Liman Said Sequel Is Not A Hoax As Movie Poster Emerges On Facebook

There's no reason why most people would think that the "Jumper" sequel is a hoax. After all, it has been nine long years since the show hit the big screen. However, despite the debate whether "Jumper 2" is true or not, the 2008's American sci-fi movie is really coming back. 

According to Celebeat, there were only a few details about "Jumper 2" however, a movie poster was already released online. Apparently, the 1992 sci-fi novel inspired movie's sequel emerged on a Facebook page named "Last Friday Official." The said page released the assumed movie poster that shows a very high tower and an anonymous man on top of it.

Although fans were thrilled to see the poster, they were not really expecting to see "Jumper 2" since it has left the big screen after nine years. Because of this, most of those who've seen the posted assumed that this was only made up. However, "Jumper" director, Doug Liman, confirmed that they are indeed working with the sequel.

"Jumper 2" may have been confirmed, however, ScreenRant reported that it will not be released in the big screen, instead in a new platform, Youtube Red. But, let's hope that sooner or later, it gets available on Spectrum TV, as a part of its On Demand lineup. 

The much-awaited sequel, "Jumper 2," is based on "Impulse," Steven Gould's third novel .It is about David and Millie's daughter, Cent, who has acquired the same "jumping" abilities of her father. Meanwhile, the original movie's director, Doug Liman, expects to make the sequel to realize that it is a "dynamic potential of this amazing franchise."

"Jumper 2" may have sent excitement to many fans but way back in 2008, "Jumper" did not really receive positive feedbacks. Some of the critics suggest that albeit its huge potential, the movie was poorly executed. The sci-fi movie may have become better if they focused on emphasizing depth to the story and its characters. Nevertheless, it's good to know that there will be a sequel.

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