Amber Rose Latest News & Updates: Controversial Post Shows Major Cleavage from Bombshell; Is She Revealing Too Much?


Amber Rose has gone on to make another intriguing post online recently, but with a rather viable cause. The Hollywood personality further shows a new product for women everywhere, which could present more confidence.

According to E! Online, Amber Rose went to social media for a video that highlights her ample 36H breasts, primarily to promote a new bra that gives women's chest a more defined, cleavage-emphasizing appearance. In the clip, Rose started to simply jiggle her assets with her hands and then straps them on tighter to show what it can do. She captioned the video with "#ad Redefining cleavage over here with the @sneakyvaunt pushup! Cannot believe I get all this and it's backless and strapless... If you've got it ... VAUNT IT!

Amber Rose also once explained about how her actions such as the aforementioned have been judged ultimately by the norms of today, saying that it is somewhat uncalled for and that women can do what they want with their body. Rose claimed that the judgment surrounding her, sleeping around with different men was something that she knows people think, and because of such criticism, she somewhat embraces the hate.

As per other reports, Amber Rose' impressive sex appeal has been one of her most undeniable traits-primarily for her rounded behind and 36H breast size. She claims that her frontal features are natural, although she does not rule out breast implants if the opportunity proves well. Nonetheless, Rose says that she is proud of them, and at the moment, is very contented with how they are.

Amber Rose is a common household name as she has dated the likes of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, appearing in many red carpet events and is a usual hot topic in TMZ. Do you think that Rose is doing too much in terms of public displays? Stay locked for more news and updates.

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