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'Homeland' Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 9 Described As The Most Thrilling So Far; Dar Adal Unlikely To Survive [VIDEO]

Just recently, American serial drama crime thriller, "Homeland" aired an episode that put the viewers on the edges of their seats. As it may not be enough, next week, a whole new episode is on its way.

By RG, EnStars on Mar 20, 2017 04:30 PM EDT
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Homeland Season 6
Just recently, American serial drama crime thriller, "Homeland" aired an episode that put the viewers on the edges of their seats. As it may not be enough, next week, a whole new episode is on its way. (Photo : Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Showtime)

Showtime's psychological crime drama thriller, "Homeland" season 6 is set to air another mind-boggling episode next week. The most recent episode took fans and viewers to a whole new level of thrilling drama, making them want to see the ninth episode more than ever. Speculations on the events to happen have already been appearing online, and fans might want to fasten their seatbelts for some spoilers.

On the previous episode of "Homeland" season 6, it featured Maury Sterling's character, Max, to finally get himself to enter the secret business building when he was hired on the spot though he was told to be overqualified. It can be remembered that it was the same building which had everyone curious on its mysterious organization when Agent Conlin (Dominic Fumusa) was found brutally murdered.

Aside from that, according to a report from Refinery, the scariest and most thrilling part of the eighth episode of "Homeland" season 6 was when Rupert Friend's character, Peter Quinn, stole a collection of weapons and guns and broke into the house of F. Murray Abraham's character, black ops specialist Dar Adal. As per the source, that scene was the most nail-biting worthy which makes the previous episode the most thrilling thus far.

On the upcoming episode of "Homeland" season 6, it was reported that it might not have the scenes that viewers have been looking for on this season but would definitely connect to it. It still is not announced what the audience might expect for next week's episode but it was speculated that the upcoming events will lead to what the fans have been waiting for - a big revelation.

Additionally, according to Carter Matt, the story line of Dar Adal on "Homeland" season 6 will be highlighted. Fans and viewers know that the character was always up to something, and on the upcoming episode, Adal will reportedly be 'playing his hand.' Unfortunately, it has been highly speculated that with the risk he's taking and the things that he had done in the past, it is likely that he will not survive on this season. However, fans need to keep an eye because the show loves to do its twists and turns.

"Homeland" season 6 episode 10, "The Flag House" airs March 26, 2017, on Showtime.

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