'Riverdale' Episode 8 Spoilers: 'The Outsiders' Take Archie, Fred & The Gang To Southside Serpent; Jughead Killed Jason?

The newest baby from The CW, "Riverdale" is currently on a three-week break and its viewers are getting antsy and very curious on what would happen in the next episodes. The quest for Jason's killer is still the central twist in the plot, with more and more characters getting tangled in the web.

"Riverdale" is currently on hiatus, which made the viewers thirsting for more spoilers and predictions on what might happen next. According to Showbiz Junkie, "Riverdale" Season 1 Episode 8 will highlight the possible relationship of Betty and Jughead. For fans and loyal readers of "Archie" comics, this possibility seems weird considering that Jughead was never a ladies' man in the comics.

"Riverdale" Episode 8 is entitled "The Outsiders" and will lead Fred, Archie and the rest of the gang in Southside Serpent territory. Viewers are expecting the series to take another dark and twisted turn with the boys in an unfamiliar territory. Meanwhile, Betty and Veronica will be busy coming with a plan to have a baby shower for Polly. Betty and Veronica might mean well but Polly herself is reluctant to have a baby shower knowing that the girls in "Riverdale" are not very happy and open with her persona.

According to Comic Book, a new possible suspect for Jason's killer puts the spotlight on Jughead's father. This is because of a scene where Jason's varsity jacket was found hanging inside the closet of FP Jones. While it may seem far out for Jughead's father to be the killer of Jason, it certainly makes the mystery more puzzling. It also sparks "Riverdale" spoilers and speculations leading to Jughead as the possible killer of Jason.

Catch "Riverdale" Episode 8 on Mar. 30 on The CW. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below to see what Archie and the rest of the gang are up to in the next episode!

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