'Lucifer' Returns To Airing: 'Candy Morningstar' Advance Preview "Damaged Soul"


'Lucifer' returns back to airing on FOX on Monday, May 1st at 9/8c. The newest promo to 'Lucifer' season 2 episode 14 is here after 13 weeks of wait. Lucifer is a popular show that is loosely built upon the original Lucifer appearing in DC universe. After a nail-biting ending of season 2 episode 13, the show leaves the fate of Lucifer and Chloe on a cliffhanger. 

Fans of the show have taken to the social media to participate in active discussions regarding the behavior of Lucifer Morningstar, who is the protagonist of the show. Fans are intrigued about where Lucifer went, and why did he go, and what will be his intentions upon return.

In the promo for episode 14, the writers have teased a lot of humor, a good amount of heavy hitting moments and many surprises. The biggest surprise comes as Candy, who is played by Lindsey Gort. Candy is introduced in the promo as Lucifer Morningstar's wife, making Chloe Decker throw herself in a loop. Candy's arrival puts a lot of pressure on many characters.

However, Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, seems to have bigger plans and might be using Candy to get to know what plans his mother has. Tricia Helfer, who plays Lucifer's mother in the show, has had sinister plans all along the show's run. In the end of season 2 episode 13, it was shown that Amenadiel and Lucifer's mother might be brewing up a plan to get Lucifer to heaven.

Season 2 episode 14 of Lucifer will shed some light on the dynamics of the people around or related to Lucifer, and FOX hints that this episode will be the forerunner of what might be expected of the show in the coming months. Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German, is the one closest to Lucifer, and the arrival of Candy spells trouble for her relationship with Lucifer.

The show might also have a crossover with Supergirl, as a very strategically placed billboard reveals in the promo trailer available on YouTube. Ever since the upload, the billboard has been blurred, which might mean that the producers of the show do not want to give out spoilers or false information.


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