The Voice Season 12 Top 10 Results Recap: Power Rankings and Song Suggestions For The Remaining Artists


Tonight on The Voice, 10 became 8 in a crazy double elimination. Tonight's results also mark a return to the cutthroat larger eliminations that The Voice is infamous for. Don't expect the season to get any easier for your favorites though; from here on out people are going to be getting eliminated quickly in the march to the finale. For those lucky few who survived to compete another day, they have yet another opportunity to try and prove to America why they deserve to win. We don't feel like all of them have a fair shot to win, but for those at the top it is quite a close race.

With the deck being somewhat reshuffled before the next week, it's time for a power ranking of the remaining artists and checking up on what they need to do in order to claim this season's coveted crown. We even threw in song suggestions for some good measure.

But first, let's get to those results.

 Bottom 3: Mark Isaiah, Lilli Passero, Vanessa Ferguson

 Saved by America in the Instant Save: Vanessa Ferguson. Our predictions were correct! Vanessa  deserved this win.

1- Hunter Plake- After originally wafting on whether or not Hunter deserves the number one spot, his amazing charting on Itunes clinches him the top spot on our rankings. He just needs to stick to what has been working, and Hunter should be golden.

 Song Suggestion: 7 Years, by Lukas Graham.

2- Lauren Duski- Lauren and Brennley seem neck and neck for the runner up spot, but right now the former has a slight edge. This can change, but Lauren's charting has been incredible, and she definitely has a shot to win it all.

 Song Suggestion: Make You Feel My Love, by Adele

3- Brennley Brown- Brennley is one killer performance away from taking the top spot. She just needs to dig deep with a marketable song and she could easily rise to the top spot.

 Song Suggestion: You're Still The One, by Shania Twain

4- Jesse Larson- Jesse has been a surprise this season. He has been performing and charting extraordinarily well, so some people must be really digging him. We don't think he could win, but there is a chance he could make it to finale.

 Song Suggestion: Never Say Never, by The Fray

5- Chris Blue- We really hope Chris makes it to the finale. While he is our favorite performer, he just isn't selling well enough on Itunes. Hopefully something changes soon.

 Song Suggestion: This Is a Man's Man's Man's World, by James Brown

6- Aliyah Moulden- Aliyah has a great voice, but there is hardly a chance she makes it to finale night. A big performance might get her another week to last in the competition though.

 Song Suggestion: And I Am Telling You, from Dreamgirls

7- TSoul- Poor TSoul pales in comparison to other singers like Hunter and Chris. He doesn't seem destined to last long in this competition.

 Song Suggestions: AS, by Stevie Wonder

8- Vanessa Ferguson- Vanessa scraped through by the skin of her teeth. Still though, it doesn't seem likely that she will last in the competition through another elimination.

 Song Suggestion: Just Give Me A Reason, by Pink

So those are our rankings, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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