Survivor Season 34 Final Tribal Council Predictions: Who We Think Will Make It All The Way To The End

Last night on Survivor nine became eight in the continuing fight to be the sole survivor to take home the title and one million dollar grand price. For those still remaining in the competition, the march to the final tribal council will only continue to get more difficult.

With Sierra Dawn Thomas' elimination, the game moves forward with three immunity idols still in play. Additionally, there is also the legacy advantage and a steal a vote power all still floating about. With all these hidden cards still in play, the game gets trickier to predict with each elimination. Still though, based on how the game has been going and been portrayed on the screen, certain frontrunners and underdogs have been emerging, which has peaked our interest in predicting just where all the edits have been going. In such an intense game, there are a few people that seem to have a good shot of going all the way, and we've taken the liberty of breaking down our thoughts for you. Below, we have listed our predictions for the final three contestants that we think will make it all the way to that coveted final tribal council. Come finale night, check back here to see if we got any right, or wrong.

1- Sarah Lacina- While we wish a powerhouse contestant like Andrea or Cirie would make it to the end, the fact that they are such big targets makes us feel like they won't make it. For Sarah however, having a strong edit from the show and the fact that she isn't the biggest target remaining, leads us to believe she will be taking up one of those final three seats. Of the final three we are predicting, Sarah should win handily.

2- Michaela Bradshaw- If the contestants are smart, they will ignore Michaela's temper tantrums and keep her in the game as long as possible. With her reputation, Michaela is the perfect goat to drag to the end. There is no chance she will win no matter who she sits next to.

3- Tai Trang- We aren't a big fan of Tai's flip-flopping, but the fact that he has two immunity idols and is easily overshadowed as a target by other contestants makes it likely he is going to be in this game for the long haul. Still though, we doubt he will win if he makes it to the end.

So those are our thoughts, what are yours? Who do you think will make it to the final tribal council? Let us know in the comments below.

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