'LHHA' Reunion: Sierra Requests For Apology And Doesn't Get It (VIDEO)

When we feel hurt we all tend to expect apologies and depending on how deep was the cut, sometimes we want more than words. Only in this case what Sierra asked to Moriah went a little bit further. Turns out the cast member on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta asked to Moriah to get on her knees and issue an apology.

Spoiler alert: She didn't.

Just in case you don't remember, Moriah, former Sierra's assistant, had a little fling on the side and that someone was Sierra's husband Shooter. But the story is not done yet, she was also extorting him for hush money. Lovely Mimi told Sierra what was going on with her assistant all those times she wasn't at work.

Now, fast forward to the reunion, Nina Parker asked Moriah if she felt she did something wrong by sleeping with Shooter. At first, Moriah said she needed to think about it and then decided to issue an apology to Sierra, but Sierra just couldn't handle it. She demanded that Moriah get on her knees and beg forgiveness.

This is where things went crazy. Instead of just saying "I'm sorry, but that's a little bit to much and I won't do it," Moriah started to scream, "I'm not doing that bit**, but your [man] was on his knees to eat my a**!"


On the middle of all the yelling, Nina told Moriah to get it together or she would leave.

Lovely Mimi confessed that while she felt bad about how she delivered the news to Sierra, she didn't regret telling her all. "That's the most upright disrespectful thing you could ever do in your life!" she said.

But, how does Sierra feels? She answered that she's been Shooter since she was 19 and doesn't know how to end her marriage to her best friend. It must feel pretty terrible to expose how your marriage is falling apart on national TV, so Rasheeda agreed with her.

Finally, Sierra said she's working on forgiving Shooter because forgiveness gives peace.

Would you forgive him?

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