Meghan Markle Reveals Who Influences Her To Become A Powerful Inspiration

Meghan Markle is not only known as the girlfriend of Britain's Prince Harry but she is also one great actress in the industry. With this, she gives credit to some of the people who influence her until she becomes a powerful inspiration in her own way.

Reports claimed that aside from acting, Meghan Markle also enjoys a passion for writing and she also has a history of philanthropic engagement. Those are the key reasons why she is considered as an idol for many women across the globe.

E! News reported that Markle just wrote her own inspiring and personal list for Glamour as she unveiled the women who changed her life in many ways. These may be through acting, music, any symbolism, or in philanthropy.

In terms of acting and her career in Hollywood, she mentioned Julia Roberts as one of the actresses who influenced her decision to try acting. According to Harry's girlfriend, Roberts was the first woman she saw onscreen and right away, she said that she also wants to do what Roberts is doing. She also added that when she was younger someone told her that she looks like Julia Roberts in profile and she considered that as the best compliment for her of all time.

After that, she credited well-known author Toni Morrison when it comes to her passion for reading and writing. According to Markle, the first time she read "The Bluest Eye", she immediately admired the author and fell in love with all her writings.

Then for music, PEOPLE claimed that Markle finds inspiration with Joni Mitchell as she explained that the singer always brings smile to her face. Even if she travels for work or for the press, she always sees to it that she listens to Mitchell's songs. She then added that Joni's songs already become an anthem of happiness whenever she feels homesick.

Even in fictional characters, she also finds Rosie the Riveter as someone that represents her beliefs. Markle also recalled the time when she had thus poster of Rosie in her room flexing her biceps. But no one has had a greater influence on her life that her mother, Doria Ragland. She lastly shared that her mom has always been a free spirit and she regards her as her best friend.

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