Anna Faris Feels Scared In Releasing A Memoir Featuring Sweet Stories with Chris Pratt Before Split


Anna Faris is said to be a little bit scared on her next plan which is to release a special memoir that also consists of her sweet memories with Chris Pratt before they announced their split. The actress further said that although she is getting ready for this, there is still this feeling of anxiousness considering their separation.

Latest reports from PEOPLE claimed that Faris revealed a bit using her latest episode of her "Unqualified" podcast regarding the possible release of the book. As expected, this book will also feature some of the intimate details of the life of the 40-year-old actress and these will be made available to the public.

Then Faris shared that what makes her nervous about releasing the book is the feeling that this is really intimate. She even mentioned that this book "Unqualified" is set for release this October and she is also excited.

Anna further revealed that when she got the book deal, she thought that it would be a great adventure. But now that it is getting closer as it will be set to hit the shelves soon, she feels a little bit scared as she is not used to exposing her real self and that she is used to always hide behind the roles she is portraying in movies.

She even added that the book contains all her experiences which start on how she felt as a quiet kid with headgear and who suddenly became an actress in Los Angeles. Anna Faris suddenly felt how she became getting uncomfortable in her own skin with the release of her book.

Moreover, according to E!News, Faris compared her feeling for the upcoming release of "Unqualified" to her feeling of leaving the country. As she talked to the listeners, she mentioned that she would love if they would choose her book but she also feels like leaving the country for a while.

Apart from her life transitioning from a typical kid to a well-known personality in Hollywood, the book also features how Faris and Pratt fell in love on the set of their film, "Take Me Home, Tonight". Also, this includes their marriage in Bali as well as the birth of their only son, Jack who is already 5. Reports added that Pratt even wrote the foreword of the said book.

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