Hillary Clinton Age: Inside Her First Major TV Interview Since Election Loss [VIDEO]

For the most part, Hillary Clinton has been lying low after her loss to now President Donald Trump back in November. Now the hopeful has opened up about the election and revealed whether she will run a third time.

Clinton sat down with Jane Pauly of CBS Sunday Morning. She confessed she was “gobsmacked” by her loss to Trump in the candid interview that aired Sunday.

“I just felt this enormous letdown,” she Clinton added. “Just kind of loss of feeling and direction and sadness. And, you know, Bill (Clinton) just kept saying, ‘Oh, you know, that was a teriffic speech,’ trying to just kinda bolster me a little bit.”

Hillary continued and said she attempted to stay distracted with other things to get her mind off of the devastating moment.

“Off I went, into a frenzy of closet cleaning and long walks in the woods, playing with my dogs, and, as I write – yoga, alternate nostril breathing, which I highly recommend, trying to calm myself down. And – you know, my share of Chardonnay. It was a very hard transition. I really struggled. I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t think. I was just gobsmacked, wiped out.”

Still, Hillary went on to attend Trump’s inauguration the following January. She described that moment as an “out-of-body experience.”

But she made it clear she wasn’t a fan of his speech that she labeled, “ a cry from the white nationalist gut.”

She added that he completely missed a perfectly good chance to bring the country together rather than divide it.

“What an opportunity to say, ‘OK, I’m proud of my supports, but I’m the President of all Americans.’ That’s not what we heard at all,” Hillary said.

She also opened up about the now infamous investigation after it was revealed that even more of her personal emails had come up on a non-secure computer. Interestingly enough, this round was made public just 11 days before Election Day.

“It just stopped my momentum,” Hillary confessed as she asked why the probe into Trump’s possible connection Russian interference into the campaign was not also disclosed by then FBI Director James Comey.

“At the same time he does that about a closed investigation (into Clinton emails), there’s an open investigation into the Trump campaign and their connections with Russia. You never hear a word about it. And when asked later, he goes, ‘Well, it was too close to the election.’ Now, help me make sense of that. I can’t understand it.”

Check out the full video below.

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