George Clooney Uses ‘Suburbicon’ To Step Into Larger Discussion About Racism

George Clooney has been known as an actor who has also a great track record in terms of making films which are beautifully crafted and made even if these films ended up being great at the end of the day. Some of her previous films might have fumbled their attempts at action and comedy but this "Suburbicon" just demonstrated his skill as a great storyteller.

Latest reports claimed that "Suburbicon" can get close to a cinematic success whit a script and story that originated from Joel and Ethan Coen. Moreover, the said movie by Clooney also casts Matt Damon, Oscar Isaac, and Julianne Moore. It was also claimed that the film presents a darkly comedic tone which matches George's own sensibilities.

Moreover, The Verge claimed that Clooney is an actor who never crushed his words when he is asked about his political views and opinions. With this, some film critics said that the actor uses "Suburbicon" as an opportunity to step into the larger discussion about racism. This movie also tries to chip away at the tenacious romanticization of 1950s in America.

The film itself is giving the viewers a glance about idyllic people who are living idyllic lives too. However, it was narrated in the movie that behind those perfectly manicured lawns and cheery neighborhood relationships are evils and deceptions. With this, reports claimed that "Suburbicon" is really at its best when it delivers into a familiar groove.

"Subrbicon" by Clooney is categorized as a comedic crime thriller but it focuses more on drama just to get the ball rolling. This has been compared to one of the Coen brothers' creations named "Fargo" and the setting of the film is set in 1950s suburbia.

Clooney further shared as mentioned by The Guardian that the film is mostly about the 50 heydays of white America. This was then compared to the recent political campaign about making America great again which also reportedly hides corruption and cruelty. Though this is not a new idea, Clooney reportedly focuses more on race relations as part of that lie.

With this, the "Suburbicon" film is all about a film which features a proud all-white community that when a black family moves into the place, the residents made an immediate action. These residents even signed petitions to drive this black family away and this showed horrible display and there is not much refinement in the point of view of George Clooney.

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