Wendy Williams Health Problems: Star Breaks Down As She Describes That Epic Fainting Moment

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has had roughly 24 hours to recover since she fainted on live television Tuesday. Now, Williams broke down into tears as she remembered the moment on her show.

She pointed out she was “trending all day” before she described the incident.

“A lot of people thought that was a joke, me fainting on my set. That was not a joke,” she said in the clip. “I don’t want to fall. I’m a tall woman and it’s a long way down.”

She went on to say thanks to her age, she’d prefer not to get injured falling.

She then revealed that they were 48 minutes into the show when her producer tried to cue her as to what the next segment would be. Williams said she couldn’t make out what they were saying to her. She said she tried to give herself a pep talk and point out that they only had 12 minutes left, and that she was wearing flat shoes and not high heels.

“I’m feeling a way… How? Hot. Like something is about to happen. Hot, and a little dizzy. But not like the room spinning, just fear.”

She said they came back from the commercial break and she still wasn’t clear on what the directions were from her producer. She said shortly after, literally seconds, that’s when her eyes got big because she was terrified. She started to cry and said, “It was scary.”

She added that her main concern was to not bring down the podium with her.

She then shut down speculation that the scary moment was her suffering from a stroke or a heart attack. She said she held on to her head because she at least wanted to be “cute” when she fell.

She continued to describe how she fell before she added that she hasn’t experienced any aching or pain since the big moment. She said when she did come to a couple of seconds later, everyone told her to stay still but she didn’t want to. Her husband then “collected” her to take her backstage.

“Maybe that’s my fault for pushing myself too hard but I have a very, very hard work ethic,” she said as she explained all she wanted to do was come back out and finish her show. “

Her producer, Suzanne, added that she had not seen anything like that, making her “terrified” for Williams.

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