Thor Ragnarok: Who Hela Is And How They Made That Massive Headdress For The Movie

The horns of Maleficent worn by actress Angelina Jolie does not hold a candle to these bigger horns that recently hit the screens.

In the official teaser released for Thor: Ragnarok, an unrecognizable Cate Blanchett stands against eye-popping CGI effects background. She slowly turns to the audience, showing the most stunning-looking antlers we have ever seen.

This visual feast was probably enough to get movie fans out of their worn couches, head to the theatre and find out what kind of special powers those antlers possess. For fashion designers, costume-makers, and even drag performers — the famous eye-popping headdress is probably to die for.

Questions abound. Who is she? Why is she so fierce? How much does it weigh?

The character who wears the headdress is Hela the goddess of death, a fictional character in Marvel Comics. She is the very first female villain in the highly popular series of superheroes.

Already in 2017, this is still considered to be a ground-breaking moment for female characters. But it's never too late to break barriers.

Hela In Ragnarok 101

Hela is The Asgardian goddess of death. Based on Norse mythology, she rules a land called Hel — a limbo for souls, stuck between honor and dishonor. She also rules Niflheim, where the completely dishonored is condemned.

Hela has an insatiable need to gain more power and control on top of what she already possesses. Due to this manic destructive obsession, Asgardians greatly feared her.

They banished Hela under the Asgardian Stairs for five thousand years. When she finally gets out, she has a bone to pick with the Asgardians. She ends up unleashing her grudge and anger towards Thor and anyone who stands by him.

Blanchett As Hela

Oscar winner and actress Cate Blanchett is Hela in Ragnarok. It is evident over the years of this performer's brilliant career that she can transform herself into any character she plays. Each role she owns and becomes that character. It is common that most actors prefer to play the villain. Like a true Hollywood pro, Blanchett effortlessly achieves the intensity and anger of the villain Hela.

The preparation to become Hela is physically intense for the actress. She was trained by stuntwoman Zoe Bell, immersing her in capoeira — a Brazilian martial art.

Blanchett has definitely pulled out the fierce warrior from within, which makes Hela arguably the most dynamic and complicated character-driven villain in recent memory.

Weighing In On The Headdress

Blanchett does have a few issues about her costume. Since some of her headpiece elements and details will have to be added digitally in post-production, she wore a very unflattering mo-cap during most of filming. Going to the bathroom is also a struggle.

"It wasn't so bad. I think the restroom is harder for Chris (Hemsworth). But Mark (Ruffalo) and I were wearing mocap suits a lot, which are very easy to go in. And probably no one would notice if you did it in the suit, they're so horrendous. But I did not," jokes Blanchett.

As for the stunning headdress, the costume piece is 3D-printed. It is a physical, existing headpiece that molds excellently into Blanchett's head. Ironhead Studios' creator Jose Hernandez describes the process in a video presentation by YouTube show Tested.

The antlers are digitally composited. Then the material used to create the individual pieces are carbon fiber-filled. Thus, making the headdress very light and sound. For Blanchett to be able to act and move well in the headpiece is critical.

You don't have to be a Marvel fan to appreciate the intricacy of its design. It is a great artistic achievement for its team of creators. Its overall visual impact is highly notable.

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