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How To Avoid 'Spider-Man No Way Home' Spoilers On Social Media

With "Spider-Man: Now Way Home" dropping Friday, December 17th, it's been a minefield trying to navigate the internet and real life without running into spoilers for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster. Even without seeking out trailers, I was receiving random information about "Spider-Man: No Way Home" purely through cultural osmosis.

Critical Cinema: Watch These 3 Marvel Movies Secretly About Colonialism in Celebration of Thanksgiving

In recent years, the discourse surrounding Thanksgiving has been shifting. While the holiday remains a cherished family gathering for many, Americans have become more aware of the colonialist origins of the holiday and how the peaceful dinner between the colonists and Native Americans has been greatly exaggerated. To provide a new way to celebrate and in honor of the recent release of Marvel's "Eternals," here are three unexpected Marvel films that are secretly about colonialism.

Creative Disagreements Turned Ugly: 10 Times Artistic Collaborations Went South

With people's rise to stardom and the veneration around the overnight success story, we sometimes forget that most creative ventures wouldn't be possible without collaboration. However, what the myth of aspiring filmmakers being pressured just to pick up a camera and start shooting leaves out is all the legal and logistical setup that needs to occur, so collaborators can set expectations and delineate how compensation and credits should be divvied up
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