Diane Kruger Stands Up For Quentin Tarantino: 'He Treated Me With Utter Respect'

Diane Kruger defended Quentin Tarantino amid recent accusations that the latter used his authority as a film director to abuse women or exert power over his actors.

Kruger's Defense

Kruger, who starred in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, shared a lengthy statement in defense of the director on social media. On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the actress shared an image of her in character in the 2009 film and recalled her experience working with Tarantino.

The actress said that the director was kind to her during filming. He treated her with "utter respect" despite other people or celebrities questioning his character.

"For the record however, I would like to say that my work experience with Quentin Tarantino was pure joy. He treated me with utter respect and never abused his power or forced me to do anything I wasn't comfortable with," Kruger wrote on her Instagram.

In the same post, she also talked about Uma Thurman's harrowing experience in Kill Bill, following her exclusive interview about her car crash during filming. Kruger also talked about the allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein. She sympathized with the actress and the other women who were victims of sexual abuse and assault.

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Kruger's defense comes on the heels of celebrities questioning Tarantino's character and past decisions, after Thurman's bombshell interview with the New York Times. In it, she revealed that the director strangled her and spit on her face during filming for Kill Bill. She also had a car crash from a driving stunt that went awry. Tarantino has since regretted letting Thurman do the stunt, calling it the greatest regret in his life.

However, it turns out that Thurman was not the only actress who had to be choked by the director. Kruger revealed in a 2009 interview that Tarantino, and not her Inglorious Basterds costar Christopher Waltz, choked her for her character's death scene. The director recalled asking Kruger's permission to perform the act for a realistic effect in his interview with Deadline.

Thurman Defends Tarantino

Aside from Kruger, Thurman also came to Tarantino's defense on Monday, Feb. 5, through an Instagram post. The actress did not put the blame on the director. Instead, she pointed fingers at Weinstein, and Kill Bill producers Lawrence Bender and E. Bennett Walsh for covering up the truth and destroying evidence of her car crash.

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