Quentin Tarantino Called Out By Judd Apatow And More In Support Of Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman recently accused director Quentin Tarantino of making her do a stunt that had led to an injury, and actors are expressing their support for her.

In a lengthy piece published by the New York Times on Saturday, Thurman narrated how Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted her. She also revealed that she had hurt herself after Tarantino had forced her into doing a stunt in Kill Bill.

Along with the article, Thurman also released a video showing the accident that had transpired. She divulged that it happened after she told the director of the actions of Weinstein, who also produced the film.

Thurman said that she had already expressed her discomfort over doing the stunt and even asked for a stuntman to do the scene, but the acclaimed director had demanded she do the act. As a result, the car crashed, and the incident had given her a concussion among many others.

"When I came back from the hospital in a neck brace with my knees damaged and a large massive egg on my head and a concussion, I wanted to see the car and I was very upset," Thurman continued.

Out of anger, the 47-year-old actress revealed, she had then alleged the director of planning to kill her. She also recalled that she had gotten into numerous nasty fights with the Pulp Fiction director.

Unfortunately, the accident had done more damage to Thurman than she had imagined.

"When they turned on me after the accident, I went from being a creative contributor and performer to being like a broken tool," she said.

This was not the only horrendous thing that had happened in the set of the infamous 2003 movie, where Thurman played the lead role Beatrix Kiddo. She also claimed that Tarantino had spit in her face and chained her neck, scenes that came out in the movie but only done by actors Michael Madsen and Gogo, respectively.

In a stand against the abuse of power, many actors have expressed their disgust over what had happened to their fellow and rushed to Thurman's side to support her.

The spitting incident was what specifically earned the ire of actress Jessica Chastain. In a tweet, she denounced the picture and wondered how this kind had been a norm in the industry.

Italian actress Asia Argento made herself heard with a few words when she tweeted "FUCK TARANTINO FOREVER."

Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood also took to Twitter to share her admiration for Thurman's bravery and for revealing the "risks we sometimes take with our lives."

Judd Apatow slammed Tarantino and cited Daryl Hannah's case where she made claims against Weinstein. Apatow also said that nobody helped Hannah during the hard time.

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