Fans Burst Khloe Kardashian's Happy Bubble And Blast Her For Stealing Tristan Thompson

While Khloe Kardashian is ecstatic when she announced she and her longtime boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting a girl, fans are surprisingly less forgiving.

It’s safe to say they won’t let her forget that she’s accused of stealing Thompson from his previous girlfriend and the mother of his firstborn son.

Khloe The Homewrecker?

He welcomed the son just months after he and Kardashian went public with their romance. It means the woman was pregnant with Thompson’s son when he started dating Kardashian.

While Thompson was expecting his first child, he and Kardashian have remained quiet about whether there was any true overlap in his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend and Kardashian.

Considering this, fans have decided to make their own conclusion and blasted Kardashian on social media over the weekend. She took to Twitter and asked about women supporting one another instead of tearing them down consistently.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Blasted

Even though she might have meant well, fans took that as an opportunity to blast her.

One said she wasn’t thinking about Thompson’s ex-girlfriend’s crown when he “left one he already had for u…”

“You weren’t concerned about another woman’s happiness, success, or life when you slept with her baby father,” another added.

One asked Kardashian if she took off the other woman’s crown when she got pregnant by a man who allegedly left his pregnant girlfriend to date Kardashian.

Another kept their response simple. “Yass Khloe… what happened to not messing with other people boyfriends and families?!” the fan asked.

One fan accused Kardashian of not only taking off the other girl’s crown but said Kardashian “trampled” it “for the world to see.”

Another pointed out that Kardashian responded to other fan’s comments except for the ones regarding Thompson’s history with the mother of his first child.

“She’s trying everything to ignore every [comment] about her having a baby by another woman’s man…”

Some fans took things a step further than Kardashian’s romance with Thompson. One added that they also wondered about the support of other women when Kardashian allegedly stole designs from fashion artists and claimed it as her own.

Also, another fan wondered what happened to supporting each other when Kardashian was calling out and posting inappropriate pics of Chloe Grace Moretz.

Fans have made it clear that Kardashian isn’t necessarily innocent in the grand scheme of things. She has yet to respond to the criticism and backlash she received after her now infamous tweet.

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