Khloe Kardashian Clarifies ‘Bizarre’ Pregnancy Rumor About Her Involving Hotel Rooms

Khloe Kardashian is just a couple months away from giving birth, but that doesn't mean the gossip mill has slowed down any.

Too Krazy For The Kardashians

Even by Kardashian standards, though, this one is pretty nuts. Thankfully, Khloe herself was on hand to shoot it down immediately.

The Revenge Body star and mom-to-be responded to a tweet from an unsuspecting fan who, unbeknown to them, was working off some seriously inaccurate information.

"My dad is currently staying for a 'work trip' in the hotel @khloekardashian conceived her baby and I've never felt true jealousy until now," the fan tweeted March 19.

To the shock and horror of everybody eagerly watching Kardashian's Twitter account, she responded immediately to cut the eager fan right down.

"That's f**king bizarre! I didn't conceive my baby in a hotel room. why on earth would your father even tell you that? Weird," Khloe responded.

The fan made a mistake tagging the reality TV star and demin designer in the tweet in the first place, particularly as it unleashed a wave of hatred against her.

Although Kardashian did the right thing by setting the record straight immediately, it seems a weird rumor to float in the first place.

The poor woman who brought it to her attention later clarified that the hotel in question falsely told guests the rumor about Khloe conceiving her baby there, for reasons unknown.

The fan in question sent on well wishes to Kardashian, and it seems all's well that ends well. It's still a weird story to make up in the first place.

Bored But Prepared

Kardashian has been pretty active on social media lately, after she recently made the move to Cleveland, Ohio, to prepare for the arrival of her daughter.

The mom-to-be shared several updates on her various social media accounts due to boredom now that all she has left to do is nest and wait until the baby comes.

There was speculation that Kardashian was going to name her daughter Rose, after fans noticed her affection for the flower.

She later confirmed that it won't be Rose because the name she has in mind begins with a "T."

Known for being active and getting super-fit in recent years, Kardashian has continued working out throughout her pregnancy and recently said how lucky she feels to have had a mostly stress-free time.

More Talk, More Money

Crazy rumors are nothing new to the Kardashians, of course, with Kim Kardashian-West even utilizing a recent interview with Elle to take aim at some of the most ridiculous stories about their famous family.

She cleared up the infamous "momager" trademark with which her mother, Kris Jenner, has been saddled for many years.

"Kris Jenner Has Trademarked The Word 'Momager' And That Was... A Decade Ago," she re-tooled a recent headline.

If their billion-dollar brand is anything to go by, the crazier the rumor, the more the Kardashians will profit off it.

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