As Khloe Kardashian is getting ready for her daughter's upcoming birth, she is taking time to mourn a young fan who passed away.

RIP Hailey Cordova

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is mourning the loss of one of her fans. She encouraged her 74 million Instagram fans to check out a story on her app that featured a photo of Kardashian posing with a young fan named Hailey Cordova. Thanks to Hailey's father's constant tweeting and encouragement from sister Kim, Khloe was able to meet Hailey when the Kardashians were visiting New York City last year.

"One of the reasons why I love social media so much is that it connects me with people like Hailey and her family. I probably never would've been able to otherwise. I truly have never met a sweeter and stronger little girl with a personality of glitter and gold! A few weeks after I met Hailey, she passed away. The news was devastating, but I'm honored she wanted to meet me," wrote Khloe in a message that was transcribed by Entertainment Tonight.

During Hailey's visit with Khloe, the 10-year-old bonded with the Revenge Body creator and her face lit up as Khloe dropped a giant pink box of goodies on her sofa. Hailey wore a t-shirt that showed her allegiance to Khloe with a message that stated, "Khloe's my fave." According to People Magazine, which covered Khloe's visit with the Cordovas in October 2017, Kardashian was doing her Good American publicity tour when she visited the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Khloe even surprised Hailey by bringing Kim on FaceTime.

Preparing For The Baby

As Khloe mourned Hailey, she is getting ready to deliver her own bundle of joy. Insiders have stated that the youngest Kardashian sister could give birth at any moment. However, sources to Khloe noted that her discomfort level has reached its limits and very anxious to meet her baby girl. Khloe has decided to give birth in boyfriend Tristan Thompson's town in Cleveland, Ohio. It is expected that the Kardashian-Jenner family will be traveling to Ohio when it is time for Khloe to give birth.

Khloe also revealed that she had a very smooth pregnancy to her Good American fans. She also surprised fellow mom to be, actress Eva Longoria with several pregnancy-related gifts. The former X Factor USA co-host presented Longoria with jeans that were specially made for expecting mothers. It was also heavily rumored that Khloe and Thompson were about to name their daughter after a character from the popular box office smash, Black Panther.