Sean Penn’s Son Hopper Arrested In Nebraska For Drug Possession

Sean Penn's son has found himself in a tight spot in Nebraska. Hopper Penn is facing drug possession charges in the state.

Busted On The Road

Local law enforcement busted the 24-year-old son of the Into the Wild director and actress Robin Wright for possession of marijuana, mushrooms, and prescription pills.

Penn and a woman, later confirmed to be his girlfriend, 26-year-old actress Uma von Wittkamp, were pulled over on Wednesday after failing to signal.

The officer on duty detected drug activity during a subsequent traffic stop on Interstate 80 and searched the car.

Authorities found fourteen grams of marijuana, four amphetamine pills, and three grams of mushrooms in the vehicle. They took in Penn for possession of shrooms and marijuana, and von Wittkamp for shrooms and amphetamines.

Von Wittkamp was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, while Penn was charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of marijuana. Possession of a controlled substance is a felony. Both were taken to Hamilton County Jail.

An Ongoing Struggle

The young Penn has struggled with substance abuse in the past and he credited his father's zero-tolerance approach for helping him get clean in the past.

A source close to the family confirmed that Penn is furious that his son has ended up in this situation.

"[He] doesn't even want to talk to him at the moment," the source claimed.

Although Hopper had been doing better since his last rehab stint, he reportedly fell in with the wrong people in L.A. and reverted to where he was with his addiction.

He previously told a reporter that he was happy to have finally gotten out of those bad habits because it's not fun when it becomes a dependency.

The Final Straw

His father, however, may be at the end of his tether at this stage.

"[His dad] is not going to bail Hopper out of this one! This is the last straw for him and as much as this pains him, Hopper is just lucky he is still alive " the source advised.

Penn's divorce from Wright may have gone some way towards contributing to their son's ongoing substance abuse issues.

The actor battled his own demons at the height of his fame in the eighties, so his approach to his son's problems is definitely of the tough love variety.

"He is going to give him one more chance and has ordered him to go rehab as soon as he is out and it isn't going to be one of those easy-breezy rehabs either. He wants him to check into a longterm facility and clean himself up for good, or else," the source revealed.

Penn and von Wittkamp were released from prison on Thursday. Sean Penn has yet to publicly comment on his son's arrest.

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