Steve Harvey Reveals Kanye West Was 'Celebrity Family Feud's Best Panelist Ever

Steve Harvey is dishing everything about the upcoming Kardashian family's episode of Family Feud, including glowing praise for Kanye West.

Family Feud is set for another celebrity episode featuring the Kardashians. The episode, already filmed in advanced, is highly anticipated with the reality show family pitted against Kanye and his own relatives.

In an appearance at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Harvey reveals that despite the number of stars in the family, it was Kanye who steals the show in their upcoming episode.

Kardashians vs Wests

Originally, Harvey says, it wasn't even supposed to be West's family competing against the Kardashians. The competitors were initially going to be the Hiltons, another tabloid-favorite clan led by hotel heiress Paris Hilton who used to be a close friend of the Kardashian sisters.

"The Hiltons canceled. So Kanye, who is a big fan of Family Feud said, 'I wanna play, I've always wanted to play,'" Harvey tells DeGeneres. "So he brought his family, some people you don't know, these cousins."

The Family Feud host adds that Kanye's team was the best, describing them as "'hood."

"It was him, Kim, and his three family members against Kris and the sisters," he continues, adding that for the first time, one team had six people because the Kardashian-Jenner grandmother insisted on playing.

Jonathan Cheban also played for the Kardashian team.

Kanye Enjoys 'Family Feud' Episode, Even Smiles

When asked by DeGeneres how the often stoic Kanye did, Harvey raved about the singer-songwriter, saying that he had a very good time during taping.

"Kanye was the best Family Feud celebrity panelist we've ever had on the show," he responds. "He loves the show. His people said, 'Steve, this is the most Kanye has ever smiled since we've been working.'"

"Kanye smiled!" Harvey exclaims incredulously. "When I introduced him, he smiled ... Just tune in and you will see Kanye smile. He was happy."

The same couldn't be said about Kanye's wife, though.

"Kim didn't know nothing," Harvey reveals, adding that Khloe was incredibly competitive, especially against Kim.

The Kardashian-Jenner Plus One

Harvey also spilled a bit of his thoughts on a Kardashian-Jenner mainstay, Cheban.

"He was a lot," he says about Cheban who he called "the extra" of the show. Harvey goes on to recall how Cheban flew all night to make the taping of the show, so the producers "felt sorry" and put him on the team.

Last February, Page Six reported that Cheban flipped out backstage since he flew in from Miami to play, but the producers ended up wanting just five players on each team.

"He had a huge blowout with Kris because she wanted her mom, MJ, on," a source tells Page Six. "They allowed Kris and MJ to play as one unit since Jonathan flipped out."

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