Alleged Sex Cult Slave India Oxenberg Likely Brainwashed, Say Family And Co-Workers

Alleged sex slave India Oxenberg is working away as though nothing has changed. The NXIVM member is likely brainwashed, according to those close to her.

In A State Of Shock

The so-called "masters" of the actress are in jail, but that didn't affect her normal routine. She worked at her Manhattan restaurant job on Sunday, just a few days after Allison Mack, rumored second-in-command to cult leader Keith Raniere, got arrested.

Oxenberg is the 26-year-old daughter of Dynasty legend Catherine Oxenberg, as well as the granddaughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. Photographers snapped photos of her taking various plastic tubs out of a basement and into cafe PlantMade.

Oxenberg was not thrilled with the attention from gathered photographers.

"It's not polite to take pictures without asking. Leave me alone. I will call the police," she told them.

A manager told reporters that Oxenberg is dealing with a lot at the moment, and even suggested NXIVM may have brainwashed her. Her family corroborated this claim, suggesting Raniere and Mack were to blame.

Losing A Child

Catherine Oxenberg attended a workshop with her daughter years ago but found the vibe immediately off-putting and strange. Her daughter, however, signed right up, draining her inheritance in the intervening years as a result.

Oxenberg became concerned for India's safety after finding, through a former NXIVM member, that her daughter was not eating, was losing her hair, and had not had a period in a year.

"I'm helpless. I've lost my child and will do whatever I can to get her back.For months I have worked to expose Keith Raniere and NXIVM. I want my daughter to know I love her and I want her back in my life," she said.

Disturbing Allegations

Authorities arrested Raniere back in March, and they booked Mack just a few days ago. Both face charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. Smallville actress Mack will appear in court for a bail hearing on Monday. She's facing 15 years in jail, which could possibly lead to life imprisonment.

Salacious details about the cult have been spilling out over the past weeks. Among the most shocking revelations detailed how Mack lured young, skinny women into the group, groomed them for sex with Raniere and, in several cases, branded them with his initials.

According to prosecutors, devotees were had to provide purposefully damaging personal material that could be used against them at a later stage if the need arises.

Girls' Club

Pakistani-born actress Samia Shoaib recently revealed how Mack tried to lure her into the group. She met Mack during the audition for a sitcom pilot back in 2013.

She detailed how Mack became very friendly to her, repeatedly sending her emails to recruit her to a women's circle ostensibly for feminist empowerment, which is part of NXIVM's cover.

Shoaib described how a fragile and exhausted Mack looked increasingly gaunt each time she met up with her. Although Shoaib did not end up going to any of the so-called "women's retreats," she acknowledged that Mack didn't seem sinister to her, and she didn't get a sexual vibe from her at all.

Facing The Music

It was ex-member Sarah Edmondson's testimony to the New York Times that originally exposed Raniere and NXIVM. He is facing accusations of putting women in cages and keeping them on a 500-calorie diet to keep them super-skinny, among other things.

The cult has a long list of famous and rich devotees. It was founded in 1998 as a self-help organization and runs its operation out of New York.

Authorities arrested Raniere in Mexico, where he fled after the release of the breaking story. Several women were with him, and Mack was among those caught on camera chasing cops away after the arrest.

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