'Gravity Failed': Best Twitter Reactions To Beyoncé Falling On Stage During Second Coachella Performance

Beyoncé’s fall at Coachella over the weekend might have been unexpected. Still, fans were here for it and loved every minute of the rare moment.

Bey Takes A Tumble

Beyoncé performed for the second weekend of major music festival Coachella. While she still brought out her younger sister, Solange Knowles, during her epic headlining show, this time around, things were a little different. The two sisters clearly got so excited about their performance that when Solange jumped on Beyoncé, they both came tumbling down.

In true professional form, Beyoncé and Solange kicked their feet in the air before they both were able to regain their balance and jump back up. That marked the end of Solange’s appearance for Coachella as Beyoncé encouraged the fans to clap it up for her. Still, it was clear fans loved the sister moment in more ways than one.

Fans Loved It

One fan said that Beyoncé simply owned the fall.

Another joked that the sisters played off their fall in the most perfect way.

One added that it wasn’t the sister’s fault gravity let them down.

Another implied Beyoncé and Solange couldn’t be to blame for the fall and pointed the finger at a fake natural disaster.

One fan added that Beyoncé overcame much more the first week but still couldn’t hold a candle to Solange’s hug.

Another said the two sisters played it off as best as they could.

How Destiny's Child Prepared For Coachella

While Beyoncé switched up her outfits for her second performance, the surprises that shocked fans during the first performance earlier this month still had the wow factor, from her husband, rapper Jay-Z, hitting the stage to Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child joining her for a medley of their hits.

Williams opened up about what it was like to work with Beyoncé again. Even though Williams is the newest member of the group, she’s been a frontrunner of Destiny’s Child for years, so it’s safe to say she’s no longer the new girl.

Williams said the trio was able to execute a flawless performance because of “a lot of rehearsal.”

“The last rehearsal, we were acting like little girls again,” added Williams. “You just get up there and have a lot of fun.”

Williams also revealed that Beyoncé was very hands-on with everything concerning her performance, from the wardrobe to maintaining her vegan diet.

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