LOOK: Even Bella Hadid's Horse Looks More Fashionable Than Everyone Else

After being called the "Most Beautiful Woman According to Math and Science," Bella Hadid seems to make everything beautiful.

Even her horse is more fashionable than everyone else.

People found out that the 23-year-old beauty does not only have a near-perfect face, but she's also an expert equestrian! She grew up horseback riding with her sister Gigi.

The glamourous horse she currently owns is Blue, whose real name is "Bluberto Blucifer Bloonytoon child of Bellinski Bellooshka Bellop" as stated by Gigi.

Blue is currently living at the farm of Hadid's mother in Pennsylvania. She recently posted pictures with Blue, who was wearing her former collaborator's black and white leather custom saddle with a star on the side. The leg wraps also had elusive star designs to complete the fashion twist look.

The supermodel was makeup free, but she sure made the horse as fashionable as her!


Chrome Hearts is the former collaborator and supplier of all Hadid and Blue's get-ups. She first announced the Bella Hadid x Chrome Hearts collaboration in 2016. The American model turned into a designer and worked with Stuart Weitzman and Tommy Hilfiger, who have company headquarters in New York and the Netherlands, respectively.

Her horse, Blue, has been receiving the same fashion as hers ever since Blue came to their family. With its chocolate brown color and icy blue eyes, Blue certainly has everything Bella has. And they are both lucky to have each other.

Hadid vs. Lyme Disease

The trendsetter and expert equestrian almost made it to the 2016 Olympics. Hadid was supposed to join the equestrian competition but was reportedly pulled out due to the worsening symptoms of Lyme disease.

Bella, her mom and brother are all suffering from the same infectious disease.

On a Bravo blog  written by her mother back in 2016, she mentioned that Hadid needed to give up her ultimate dream of joining the Olympics. The model found it hard to ride due to the severity of her condition.

The unsuccessful attempt was heartbreaking for her, and indeed a tremendously painful topic to talk about.

Moreover, the effect might still be lingering up until now.

On October 11, Bella shared a personal view concerning mental health. She opened up about her own battles and tried to share advice based on what she experienced.

Despite not fulfilling her dream of becoming an Olympian though, she found a new path and has made a name for herself as a model.

Bella was recently recognized due to the accurate proportions of her face, which came closest to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi standard -- the idea of perfection and beauty by the early Greeks. Beyonce came second to her, while actress Amber Heard came in third.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that Bella has a near perfect chin -- which elevated her to such a high rank.

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