Russell Crowe Disgusting Photo of Hands Down Pants Makes Waves

Yikes! Russell Crowe was recently spotted at Sydney Airport looking like a completely different man.

Being one of the veterans in Hollywood, you would already know that the only ass you can grab is your own. Crowe was actually caught shoving his hands down his pants -- in public! It is unclear if the actor had an itch that needed to be scratched or a wedgie that needed to be fixed.

Several media outlets and fans are studying the photo from every angle trying to determine what precisely the actor was doing. The 55-year-old Oscar-winning star sported a bushy beard and laid-back clothes. His rounded belly is also noticeable in the photos.

Crowe was with 29-year-old Britney Theriot, who played a small role in his 2013 movie, "Broken City." However, it is unclear what the nature of their relationship is.

Moreover, it also remains to be seen if his obvious weight gain is for a role. He filmed "Unhinged" and is currently filming "The Georgetown Project," according to his IMDb page.

For "Unhinged," Crowe plays a psychotic stalker -- so maybe he packed on some weight for that.

Crowe, however, is definitely unrecognizable from the "Gladiator" movie that fans once knew 17 years ago.

Talking to ET, the actor said there were n'o many dramatic changes to his body portraying Roger Ailes in "The Loudest Voice." He said that transforming into the late Fox News chief was mostly the result of good makeup work.

During that time, Crowe noted that he will often change his weight for a role but admitted that he tries not to make any drastic changes.

Crowe put on some weight on purpose for "Boy Erase" but returned to his average weight while working on "The Loudest Voice." For "The Nice Guys," he lost 53 pounds.

Russell Crowe's biggest weight gain is 270 pounds.

According to In Touch Weekly's source, Hollywood was not too happy with the comments about his weight.

"Russell is getting annoyed with the focus on his weight. He considers it part of his job. He is no Christian Bale, who seems to gain and then lose weight overnight," the source said, via Pop Culture.

"He's told his friends not to worry because he'll get back down to fighting weight eventually. He'd really like to tell people to mind their own business."

Crowe likes acting and loves transforming mentally and physically into character.

"For him, it's part of the craft, but there are some down-sides to changing your physical appearance so drastically in such a short amount of time," the source furthered

Despite his weight gain, Crowe continues to be active. During a vacation in Sydney, Australia, Radar Online was able to take photos of him playing basketball and doing push-ups.

Luckily, Russell Crowe's weight gain didn't lower his self-confidence.

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