Kanye West Becoming More Erratic, Mental Health Worsens After 'Jesus Is King' Album?

Kanye West's body may already be excited for the blessings, but his mental state says otherwise.

West made it to the headlines these past few weeks after dropping his "Jesus Is King" album and holding weekly Sunday service. He seemed to got all the blessings from the universe when he announced the plans on his unique global tour, but his issues overshadowed these things in a snap.

Prior to the full-blown schedule of the rapper, he officially publicized that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Through their conversation with the late-night host David Letterman, West admitted how the diagnosis affected his life and how it caused him to "ramped up".

He described his then-secret episodes as "heightened connection to the universe" but finally got a hold of himself when he received a prescription to be able to control himself. Unfortunately, whenever he gone off his medications, he would always let bizarre words out of his mouth.

Even though it seemed like he has gotten better than before, fans could not still ignore the fact that his episodes got more problematic whenever he got too stressed or too tired. And it made him more controversial now.

Ever Controversial Kanye? 

In his recent "disturbing" interview with PageSix, the "I Love It" rapper carelessly opened up about how the democrats "brainwashed" black Americans to abort their children for years now. The democrats he mentioned includes the current President of the United States, President Donald Trump.

His rants continuously stormed in, and he even told everyone that he is "only afraid of God". The statement alone made an indirect blow to Trump, slapping him with the truth that he is never terrified him. West even made an almost cross-promotion during the interview when he said "he did not tell anyone not to vote Democrat" (but he sounded like as if he was encouraging everyone) and that he only loves three things as of the moment -- lemonade, Wingstop, and Obama. 

Aside from hitting Trump, he also made a controversial statement before about George Bush who "doesn't care about black people," "slavery sounds like a choice," and that his "greatest pain in life". 

Kim, Fans Concerned

West's wife Kim Kardashian knew that her husband tends to throw rants and say unusual things whenever an episode is coming nearer. She got too concerned over West's mental issues that she finally displayed her worries about her husband and his mental health.

According to People, a source said that Kanye can't wait for his "Jesus is King" tour but the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was not happy about it since the tour might start another episode just like what happened during his "Saint Pablo Tour" in 2016. West got hospitalized then due to mental and physical exhaustion that resulted in cancellation of the remaining events.

Allowing her husband to push the "Jesus is King" through is a tough decision for her as his wife, and West rushing things is not an ideal plan at all. 

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