Did Queen Elizabeth Have An Affair?!

Due to the portrayal of the Netflix show "The Crown," there are now allegations that Queen Elizabeth II actually had an affair with her racing manager, Lord Porchester.

"The Crown" is a Netflix series which follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II. It aims to portray the various events in the life of the longest-reigning Monarch in British history. This acclaimed series has been named as the Best Drama at the Golden Globes and has also bagged Emmy Awards for its stars Claire Foy and John Lithgow.

Episode nine of the award-winning series featured one of the most dramatic scenes in this historical drama, with the Queen and Prince Philip's marriage nearing its breaking point. At the center of the conflict lies Lord Porchester, the Queen's dear friend, with whom she shares a passion for horses.

The Lord and Her Majesty seemed to have more in common as compared to Prince Philip and her, which made it all the more inevitable for people to question the real score between the two.

Were they really "just friends"? Who even is Lord "Porchie"?

Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert was the grandson of George Herbert, fifth Earl if Carnarvon, who famously discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun with Howard Carter. The Herbert family's ancestral home provides the current setting for Downton Abbey.

The young Baron Porchester became a member of the Royal Horse Guards during the war. He was an early equestrian from an early age and was breading horses since he turned 19.

Lord Porchester was the Queen's childhood friend, and they have developed a strong bond through their shared love for horses and horse racing. Lord Porchester became the Queen's racing manager in 1969. He also became the seventh Earl of Carnarvon after the death of his father in 1987.

His firm relationship with Her Majesty ignited many rumors, but royal historian Kate Williams dismissed the alleged affair.

"I've seen the press pack and the press pack is saying that what it is about is that when she goes away with Lord Porchester it gives her and insight into the life she would have had if she hadn't been Queen," Williams said, via DailyMail.

Williams admitted that Elizabeth II may have probably been a professional horse trainer had she not been the Queen.

"And that's what it says it's about, not about the affair," the historian claimed.

The royal historian added that the Queen's close relationship with Lord Porchester was nothing more than a friendship. She explained: "Perhaps in those days, it would be seen stranger for a man and a woman to be good friends than perhaps it is now. But there was nothing more than just being good friends and sharing an interest in horse training."

Then Princess Elizabeth met Prince Philip at the 1934 wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark to Prince George, Duke of Kent. They had their wedding on November 20, 1947, with the then princess being the 10th member of the Royal Family to be married at Westminster Abbey.

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