Queen Elizabeth II 'Upset' of What Netflix Did to Prince Philip: 'That Simply Did Not Happen!'

Queen Elizabeth II may be so easy to please sometimes. But most of the time, it only takes a snap to upset her, and it is a bad idea.

Her Royal Highness was bothered recently because of Netflix and their series "The Crown," which re-enacts the story of the Royal Family.

The season 2 of the series touched the nerve of the Queen and was displeased in the episode which presented Prince Charles having an unhappy time at Gordonstoun (Scottish public school).

The episode showed that Prince Charles was bullied by the other students and Prince Philip was the one to be blamed for the incident. However, this part made the Queen frown.

As a senior courtier put it on Express U.K:  "The Queen realizes that many who watch The Crown take it as an accurate portrayal of the Royal Family and she cannot change that."

The unsympathetic depiction of Prince Philip being insensitive to Prince Charles upset Queen Elizabeth II simply because it "did not happen." The misleading portrayal also incorporated the unimaginable encounters and struggles of Prince Charles, who received slaps on his head inside the dormitory.

According to Historian Robert Lacey, Philip sent his son Charles to Gordonstoun only because he had genuine plans. Prince Philip believed that making him stay in the dormitory would build Charles more and would help him grow on his own.

Far from what represented in the series, Prince Charles found the challenges as something "uplifting."

Did The Queen Refused to Watch it?

According to Express U.K., Queen Elizabeth II did not want to see the series. Only when her son Earl and the Countess of Wessex arranged a Saturday night viewing sessions, she also finally started watching it. Other members of the Royal Family watched it, except for Prince Philip who "cannot be bothered."

The first season passed the standards of the Queen. A senior royal source told the Daily Express in 2017 that Queen Elizabeth II got hooked up in watching "The Crown."

The statement was also proven by a source who told "In Touch" that the Queen felt intrigued by the way the series brought the past back and how it made her feel nostalgic.

What made the series more special was the fact that it became the most expensive series of all time with its first season budget at $130 million.

The cost boomed that much due to the royal costumes, cast and the eight filming locations from London to Scotland.

Its 92 percent critics ratings at Rotten Tomatoes alone made all the expenses worth it, and fans now looking forward to more.

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